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A Little About Myself...
Cassandra was born in Maryborough,QLD,Australia and lives in Caboolture,QLD.
She is a self-taught artist who didn't uncover her natural talent until she was 19yrs old and was very surprised that she could draw!

She watched her mother draw portraits of her and her siblings and has artists on both sides of the family. Most of her subjects are portraiture and realism, but enjoys doing any subject and would like to explore more different styles of art.

She has portraits and poems published in an ebook called 'Fans In The Mirror'and emagazine on the 'Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait'.

She is a Book Illustrator for Creative House Press.

Open Art Competition - Special Recognitition Award Certificate - (2nd Issue)
For the Portrait 'Reflective Mood'
By John R. Math on

Exibited 'Reflective Mood' at the
Gainsborough Greens Art Awards & Exhibition.

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Prints Available

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Painting and drawing,music,kids,piano

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